It is exactly true to say that “Health is wealth.” To get a healthy body, we must consider a good diet. Here we are revealing an effective and simple Keto diet plan for beginners. Before that, we must understand the two types of fuels for the body. The first one is sugar that we get from carbohydrate-containing foods like rice, potato, bread, pasta, etc. Everyone most commonly uses that. And the second fuel is fat that we get from food items like eggs, nuts, butter, etc. The diet plan with fat as fuel for the body is known as the Keto diet.

Advantages of Keto diet

One of the importance of the Keto diet is that it is low in carbs. So that this diet helps to reduce sugar in the body. When the sugar reduces in the body, fat is automatically converted into energy molecules. Which is known as Ketones, and the diet that leads to ketone production in the body is called a ketogenic diet. Now let’s look into the keto diet plan for beginners for losing excess weight without hunger. As well as maintaining a healthy body by eliminating health issues like Alzheimer’s, diabetes.

Tips to Plan Keto diet

1.Select Keto-friendly food items

As we know, the Keto diet is free from carbohydrates. We are giving importance to Keto rich foods like green leafy foods, dairy products, healthy oils, vegetables, nuts, avocado, berries. Indeed Keto rich food recipes and foods are easily available in markets and websites.

2.Ways to start with Keto diet

Before starting the Keto diet the first step is to check your weight and note it. This helps to understand how much weight you lost by following this diet later. The second thing to notice is to track the protein, carbs, and fats intake every day. So that we can plan and include an adequate amount of everything in our diet. Your fat should be anywhere from 70 to 80 percentage of the foods you eat during the day. It must consist of 20 to 25 percent of protein, 5 to 10 percent of carbohydrates. For tracking this diet you can install apps on your phone.

It is very important to drink enough water while following the Keto diet. The next important thing that needs to add to your diet is electrolytes. In addition, you can take fiber, magnesium, and potassium pills as supplements to your diet. Do not eat too much protein foods is an important tip to remind. Also do not expect fast weight loss and body changes. Consistency is the key step for this diet to get good results. These are some of the important tips for a Keto diet plan for beginners.

3.What to purchase and store?

It is very essential to plan your Ketogenic diet before getting into it. As a first step, you must buy easily available and healthful food items which are helpful for your diet. Some of the must-have products needed for this Keto diet for beginners are as follows:

  • Egg
  • Olives and Olive oils
  • Antioxidant rich fruits
  • Meat,seafood and poultry
  • shell fish & fish
  • high fat dairy
  • full fat cream and sour cream
  • butter and ghee
  • berries
  • Alliums(garlic, onion, leeks etc)
  • Cruciferous vegetables(broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage)
  • coconut oil
  • nuts ansd seeds

4.Healthy Keto diet recipes

Keto Baked Egg Custard


  • Natvia -two tablespoons
  • three eggs
  • vanilla extract -2 tablespoons
  • heavy cream-half cup
  • one cup of unsweetened Almond milk
  • ground nutmeg -half tablespoon

Take a bowl and add two tablespoons of natvia then mix it using a beater. Then add tablespoons of vanilla extract, heavy cream, unsweetened almond milk one by one. After adding each ingredient, it is a must to mix it well using a beater. The next step is pouring this mix into a wide tray. Now it is time to bake it for one hour fifteen minutes at 300 F. After that take it outside from the oven allow it to cool then cut it into pieces and have this delicious and healthy Keto-based egg custard. It is an amazing recipe to include in the Keto diet plan for beginners.

Keto Sandwich


  • two cheese slices
  • two eggs
  • chopped capsicum -1 tablespoon
  • two tablespoons of sliced onion
  • butter- two tablespoon
  • grated carrot one tablespoon
  • three tablespoon of cabbage
  • salt
  • half tablespoon of pepper powder

Take a pan and add one tablespoon of butter and saute onion, carrot, cabbage, and capsicum. Add some salt, and pepper and saute the mix well. Then transfer it to a bowl and mix it with eggs. Take a frying pan and spread butter and pour this batter into the pan and spread it well and add pepper powder. Once it gets cooked flip it. So that all the sides get cooked well. Then put two cheese slices and fold them. Toast them well on both sides. Finally, the keto sandwich is ready and it is a simple keto recipe.

List of food by protein content

5.How often should eat food while in Keto diet?

It is so good to follow intermitted fasting that means for example eat food between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm and avoid eating food after that. Eat two meals in a day and eat snacks in between the meals. You can use nuts and fruits as snacks. In beginning, it seems a little difficult. But following the same schedule for one week make you sustain with a new diet plan.

6. Do Exercises with the Keto diet for good results

It is good to focus on 85 percent on the Keto diet and 15 percent on workouts to get fast results from the keto diet. Doing exercises helps to reduce stress, increases oxygen so that your heart and brain functioning well. In addition, improves fitness and tones your muscles. As well in women menopause-related health issues can be cured with daily exercise and following the Keto diet. Regular workouts can even help in insulin resistance and are also good for sleep. Following some of the simple exercises you can do while in keto diet are given below:

  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Biking
  • Weight lifting
  • Cardio exercises

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