For makeup lovers and beginners, Maybelline fit me foundation is the best option. It is available in an affordable range and easy to apply on the face. Another speciality is this foundation is available in eighteen shades. Also available in tubes and bottles. So you can select the perfect shade that suits your skin tone as well as buy a tube size foundation for trying it for the first time. Here I am sharing the review of Maybelline fit me foundation shade 128.

Maybelline fit me foundation-shade warm nude 128

Maybelline fit me 128

This foundation is very easy to apply on the face and gives medium coverage. As well it is good for getting a normal and matte finish look on your face. Thus this foundation is the best for daily makeup look for getting a natural look. The shade warm- nude 128 suits well on warm and yellow undertone. As well perfect for normal and oily skin. It is even suitable for dry skin after applying a good moisturizer. It will not form a whitish look after application and also get absorbs into the skin fastly. Indeed stays on the skin for six hours without sweating.

Ways of Application

As the foundation is light in texture we can even use our fingers to blend it on the face. It is so easy to blend and not form a cakey layer on your skin. If you have a brush or sponge you can use it to blend the foundation on the skin.


It has a good package, the tube is made of plastic and has a tight lid. The tube consists of 18 ml of product. As it is small in size easy to carry in a purse or small bags. Neither leaves excess product when pressing the tube.



  • Easily available in online stores and local stores
  • Good quality
  • Natural finish
  • Light texture
  • Not drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Matte and oil free
  • Easy to blend
  • SPF 22
  • Shine free look
  • Medium coverage
  • Poreless


  • Price is little high
  • Less quantity
  • Not full coverage


Maybelline fit me foundation is best for daily use and easy to apply. It is good for getting a flawless makeup look. As it gives only medium coverage, it is better to use a concealer while applying foundation. It is also good for dry skin if use a good moisturizer.

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