Hibiscus hair serum is a good and simple remedy for hair growth at home. As well it is good to get healthy and shiny black hair. It is best to use five-petaled hibiscus flowers for making this hair serum. Use this serum daily on your hair to get effective results. Let us go through the method of preparing hair serum using hibiscus.

Hibiscus hair serum


  • Two tablespoons of flax seeds
  • Petals of six hibiscus flowers
  • Argon oil- one tablespoon
  • Two Vitamin E capsules
  • Two glass of water

Take a pan with two glasses of water and add two tablespoons of flax seeds and petals of hibiscus flowers. Boil it for just five minutes. You can see the water turns pinkish-red and a little sticky. It is the correct consistency. Stop boiling and allow it to cool down. Then strain it to a bowl. After that, add one tablespoon of Argon oil and add vitamin E oil from the capsules. Then mix the hibiscus serum well using a spoon. Take a clean spray bottle or a small bottle and transfer the hair serum to it. Store it inside a refrigerator and use it regularly.

Method of Application

Apply this natural hair serum on your scalp and hair regularly. It is good to use this serum after hair wash before the hair gets completely dry. Allow it to stay on your hair and use it regularly for two weeks. After that, prepare it again and use it daily.

Benefits of Ingredients

Hibiscus flower

One of the best home remedies to prevent grey hair is to use hibiscus flowers on your hair care routine. It helps to rejuvenate hair follicles and helps to regrow hair. As well, it promotes hair growth. In addition, the hibiscus is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. That helps to produce melanin which helps to give natural color and shine to your hair.

Flax seeds

These seeds are rich in Vitamin B that is essential to strengthen our hair follicles. Also, flax seeds help to improve hair growth fastly. In addition presents of vitamin E in flax seeds help reduce free radicals on the scalp. This is very helpful to prevent hair loss and to promote fast hair growth.

Argon oil

Argon oil hairs serum

Argon oil is the best ingredient to include in a natural hair serum as it helps reduce the dryness and frizziness of your hair. Also, Argon oil is good to give a natural shine to your hair. This oil works as a moisturizer for your hair. The more important thing is that Argon oil is consists of phenol. As we all know, this helps to strengthen the hair follicle and is good for the scalp. In addition, Argon oil helps to increase hair growth.

Vitamin E oil

This oil very helps to improve the health of your scalp. It acts as an antioxidant and helps to improve hair growth. It also reduces hair follicles and is good to prevent hair fall.


Suppose you are in doubt about how to make hibiscus hair serum at home. Then go for this effective natural hair serum with hibiscus, flax seeds, argan oil, and Vitamin E oil. This hibiscus hair serum is good for hair growth, shine, and thickness of the hair. Try this serum daily to get good results.


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