Anger Management is an essential strategy to carry out in your life. Anger and a short temper bring a lot of distress to your life as you lose the ability to think about problems that accompany your actions out of anger. If you fail to control anger, this certainly affects your life and career badly. Thus we must practice effective steps for Anger management to eliminate the anger issues.

As we know, anger is a kind of emotion like happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, and surprise. But the problem arises when we cannot control the flare-up of emotions. Thus it is a vital step to control emotions, specifically anger.

11 Practical Ways To Control Anger

1. Identify Your Anger At Novice

controlling the anger

It is better to stop yourself before blasting out of anger. So control anger when you feel it begins inside you. We can start identifying changes that happen when you get angry. Mostly for everyone, we feel a fast heartbeat, hopelessness, self-harm, etc., when we feel anger. So it is good to identify symptoms of anger at the beginning itself. Then move away from what makes anger inside you.

As we are familiar with, “Prevention is better than cure.” Try this strategy before getting into trouble because of uncontrollable anger and a short temper. It is challenging for an angry person to calm down fastly. Thus this tip is a practical method to identify and stay away from the reason for your anger at an early stage. This beginning phase of anger is known as the escalation phase. It is so easy to control anger at this phase.

2. Try Out Breathing Techniques

ways to control anger
Control anger with breathing techniques

It is one of the popular ways to control anger. By practicing breathing exercises, we can calm down the mind and our anger. We can practice it through two methods, and the 4-7-8 breathing technique is the first method. In this technique, we have to count in mind up to four while inhaling, then hold our breath until we count seven inside our mind. Then exhale it and continue this breathing exercise at least four times.

The second method is deep breathing for 5 to 10 minutes. Try out these breathing techniques to control anger as breathing techniques reduce the release of stress hormones, anxiety and are good for physical and mental health.

3. Stay Alone Until You Feel Calm

stay alone to handle the anger

It is the next tip for Anger management. There is a chance to increase your anger when you argue with someone. In such a situation, it is best to stay alone until you feel calm inside. After that, you can clear your side with someone with whom you have had arguments before. Practicing this tip helps you solve many anger issues. As well stops short temper and violence which can lead to anger issues.

4. Learn to forgive

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Anger increases when we fail to forget and forgive someone who angered us. This makes you hold a grudge and feel negativity when you are with that person and automatically get angry. So learn to forgive the mistakes of others and maintain a good relationship. You can see the changes that happen in you and the people around you.

5. Daily Exercises

Daily Exercises to manage the anger

Doing exercises are an excellent method for Anger Management. It is both good for the mental and physical health of a person. One of the main reasons for anger is stress. By practicing daily exercises, you can reduce stress. You can choose a group of enjoyable exercises for your mind and body. Absolutely this habit helps to control anger.

It is better to include brisk walking, boxing, skipping, weight lifting, and yoga in your daily exercise. As well it is a proven way to control anger through various researches.

6. Improvements in your Communication skills

Improve your communication skills

The bad tone of communication also creates many issues that lead as to anger issues. So practice well to communicate politely if you have respect while talking to someone. Certainly, you get back that respect and good behavior from others. This can stop many situations that lead you to anger.

You can inject healthy humor and a cool attitude while communicating with others. The next thing to notice is to listen to others properly before giving your reply. By listening completely to a person talking to you, you get enough time to reply logically in that situation. In addition, it helps to eliminate the chance for misunderstanding. Through this method, you can handle many stressful situations with good and logical communication. Thereby stop the chances that make you blast out of anger.

7. Find the most common causes for your Anger

find the root of anger
find the root cause of anger

Seek your own help to control anger. For that, you must think about what causes you to get irritated and fill anger inside you. This Anger Management tip really helps you to track the root cause of your anger and getting rid of your short temper. Then stay away from what makes you angry and find self solutions to defeat the cause of anger.

8. Do Meditations

meditation for anger management
Do meditations to handle the anger

Regular meditation helps you to control negative emotions like anger. It can be practiced in many ways, like chanting mantra inside mind while meditating or focusing on your breath. Meditation has an excellent ability to control your mind and emotion when you do it regularly. As well, you get the ability to act positively in every hard situation. Thus meditation is good to reduce stress, feel happy, and helps to live in the present—also a wonderful tip for calming down your mind and body to control anger and short temper.

9. Avoid Alcohol consumption

No liquor No Tension
No liquor No Tension

Studies reveal that alcohol can trigger you to get angry and violent. Not for everyone, but it can act negatively on your behavior with excess consumption. Drinking alcohol decreases your inhibition, and you start outbursts in anger without thinking about consequences and become short temper.

The main reason for this is that it affects the production of a chemical in our body known as serotonin, responsible for sending mood signals to the brain. When we drink alcohol, it alters the production of this chemical. So we cannot control anger and other emotions and becomes short temper. Thus avoid consumption of alcohol if you behave inappropriately after drinking alcohol.

10. Counselling

counselling for anger management
counseling for anger management

If you fail to control anger, try to reach out to the best counselor near you. The counselor can help you to find the root cause of your anger. Also, help you to find solutions for Anger Management. The main thing you have to follow is to open up your problems with the counselor without hiding anything. With counseling, you can find your fault behavior and get the counselor’s help to solve anger issues.

11. Listen to Music

listen to music to manage your anger
listen to music

One of the studies suggests that listening to music is an effective method to control anger and depression. It is good to get calm down when you are in an angry mood by listening to punk, hard metal, screamo, the genre of music. Otherwise, you can select and add a collection of your favorite songs to your playlist. Then hear it when you have mood swings like anger and sadness.


Anger is a normal emotion like other human emotions. The need to control anger is important when you behave aggressively and do not think about the consequences of your life. If you fail to control anger, it surely affects your relationships and your career. In difficult situations, it can kill you. So start practicing Anger Management tips for a successful life.

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