It is time to declutter your life if you feel stressed and unhappy about your current life. If you are free from all clutter in your life, you start to enjoy the little things in life. For that, you have to categorize clutters in every field of your life. Then have to eliminated clutters in each area of your life.

To declutter your life, you have to seek your own help as you are the designer of your own life. So put some effort to identify clutters of your life and completely delete them from your life step by step. Here are some simple tips for decluttering your life to lead a happy life and a life to win.

10 Ways to remove clutter from your Life

1. Declutter Your Digital Space

declutter and enjoying the little things in life

Begin to declutter your life from digital space as it is a part of our lives. Thus start to organize your digital space. For that, organize each folder on your laptop. Remove unwanted emails from your Gmail. Then delete unwanted files permanently to get more storage space. Create a main folder and subfolders essential data. You can give numbers and names to the folders. So that we can easily access the data without searching hard, place the folders organized in the correct position. Also, organize files on the desktop. Finally, set a perfect desktop picture for your laptop.

The next digital space we use regularly is mobile phones. To declutter mobile phones, uninstall the unwanted apps that are not useful to you. Delete the pictures and documents that are not needed for you anymore. Add the essential contact numbers to your phone contact list and remove unnecessary contacts from your phone. Then change the image of the lock screen and home screen of your phone. Make a new password for important apps like net banking apps. This way, you can well organize each type of digital platform to remove clutter.

2. Organize your most time spending area

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

One of the required methods to declutter your life is to organize your life’s most time-consuming area. As it changes from person to person. You have to find your field where you spend more than half of your day. That means you may spend more time in the office, kitchen, garden, workplaces, etc. Find that area where you have to declutter. If we consider an office where you work there, you can declutter everything that brings stress and anxiety. Otherwise, eliminate anything that drags you away from your happiness.

To create a pleasant feeling, organize everything that you are frequently using. In the same way, store or remove unwanted things away from your hand. This helps to stop wasting time searching for things. Also, feel good to enjoy the time you are there. From the organized appearance itself, you feel inner peace and get the idea to use your day more productive. This reflects your life positively.

If we consider the kitchen, we can input many methods to declutter. First of all, clean the tabletop before starting cooking. Wash the used utensils. Arrange the spices inside easily visible bottles in a reliable way. Avoid brittle objects maximum from your kitchen. A clean and arranged kitchen makes you enjoy cooking. Real-life organizing is the best thing to remove clutter from your life.

Role of organizing in life

3. Avoid Shopping unwanted things

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

You can start removing clutter from your home by stopping the collection of useless crap. Think before shopping and make a list of things before going shopping. After listing, ask yourself the things you added to your list that are essential and useful for you. Otherwise, it remains as another piece of junk inside your home. Reuse the existing clothes and accessories by styling them differently. So use your brain while shopping to declutter your life so that you save money and space in your home.

4. Practice regular clear outs

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

It is the best way to declutter your life. For that, practice regular clearouts at your home. Even if we are not bothering, a lot of junk develops inside our home. Remove anything that takes you away from glee at your home. Clean your wardrobe regularly and arrange everything perfectly. Clear out unwanted things from your home whenever you are free. This makes your home pleasant, and you start enjoying little things in life.

5. Use minimalist decor

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

Practice a clutter-free lifestyle. In this, we can include choosing minimalist decor at home and office instead of filling all areas of your home with decor items. Choose simple and elegant unique pieces for decoration purposes. You can use neutral colors for decorations to spread positive energy. Instead of spending money on decor items, you can choose good indoor plants.

Indoor plants not only help to decor your space but also helps to get enough oxygen. This creates a positive ambiance and reduces stress inside you. Presents of plants help to boost your to work attention and productivity. So minimalize decor and declutter your life from unwanted things. A pure and pleasant atmosphere works on you positively and helps your life to win.

6. Set timetables for your tasks

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

To remove clutters in your tasks, you can make a to-do list. If you list out your most important and less important tasks separately, it works effectively. After that, allocate time for each task according to their importance. You can also use certain apps available to plan your tasks. This planning helps your life win as you have an idea about using your time perfectly to complete and achieve your targets. It is an essential tip to declutter your life.

7. Declutter your Friendships

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

It is essential to declutter your friendship if you are not satisfied with friendship with someone. You may think about how to declutter friendship. As friends and colleagues influence your character and behaviour. Choose the right group of friends. Who you believe to be there with you in both difficult and happy times. Cut friendship with the kind of person who feels jealous of your achievements. Also, hesitate to appreciate when you do great things as friends can make good changes and bring bad habits in you. Try to select and hold the right friendship with them to start enjoying the little things in life.

8. Remove clutters in your leisure times

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

Using leisure time perfectly with good purpose is yet another way to declutter your life. You can use these free times by playing with kids, gardening, reading, learning new things, etc. Instead of wasting that precious time by stopover social media usage and playing unwanted games on your phone. So make sure that you are using your leisure time brilliantly to do something useful and helps you enjoying the little things in life.

9. Do things to disconnect from life pressures

declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

The adequate way to declutter your life is to disconnect yourself from life pressure. Making it possible is simple. You want to ask yourself what makes you happy. Then start to find time to do that if we practice disconnecting from work pressure or stress. You feel relaxed, and your brain recovers from overstress and also helps for self refreshment.

For that, you can practice martial arts, meditation, painting, sports, or craft making. Select the favourite thing and start doing it to relax your mind and body. In addition, you can start doing exercise and yoga to disconnect from life pressures.

10. Concentrate on things that give good memories

children while traveling
declutter and enjoying the little things in life and enjoy the life

It is a simple way to declutter your life instead of fed up with daily life. Start enjoying life by making good memories. Travel is the best thing you can prefer for this. Take a small break and plan for a trip to your favourite spot with good companions. Give a chance to the child inside you to come out and to enjoying the little things in life. This journey helps you to enjoy as well as collect good memories. It’s all about you finding what makes you happy and removing clutter from your life.


Declutter your life by practising these methods that helps life to win. Make a habit of removing clutters from each field of your life. After all, make yourself happy and start enjoying little things in life.